Talk slides

This page contains a collection of slide shows that I have used at various research and non-research talk opportunities. Note that more often that not, I combine electronic slides with blackboard presentations so that these rarely represent actual talks. Rather, I've included them here for easy sharing with those who attended the given talk. Note moreover that there will be a huge overlap between individual sets of slides.

Kozhikode, March 2014

Title: The AMU conjecture for punctured spheres.
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Dijon, February 2014

Title: The Jones representations of braid groups at q = −1.
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Uppsala, December 2013

Title: Quantum representations of mapping class groups with a view towards surface dynamics.
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Aarhus, October 2013

Title: A topological quantum computer.
Note: Expository student lecture in Danish.
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Aarhus, August 2013

Title: Semi-classical properties of the quantum representations of mapping class groups.
Note: PhD defense.
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Oxford, November 2012

Title: Quantum representations and their asymptotics.

Barcelona, April 2012

Title: Quantum invariants of torus bundles and their asymptotics.

Les Houches, February 2012

Title: Witten–Reshetikhin–Turaev invariants of mapping tori and their asymptotics.

Sandbjerg, October 2011

Title: Witten–Reshetikhin–Turaev invariants of mapping tori via skein theory.

Aarhus, June 2011

Title: Integral lattices in TQFT.
Note: PhD qualifying exam.