On this page you will find the various degree-giving writings I've written. Note that most of the information in these has been superseded by actual research papers. Nonetheless, I've included them as they contain in some cases a longer introduction to the research I've done, and in any case, they provide a historical perspective on my education.

PhD dissertation

Title: Semi-classical properties of the quantum representations of mapping class groups.
This document is the culmination of my PhD studies. It contains an introduction to a selection of mathematical topics, relevant for understanding quantum representations, as well as most of the research carried out during my studies.
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Progress report

Title: Quantum representations of mapping class groups.
This is the report I wrote halfway through my PhD project. Mathematically, this document is almost entirely superseded by my dissertation but is included here for reference.

Bachelor's thesis

Title: The Stone–von Neumann theorem.
During the Aarhus summer of 2008, I wrote a bachelor's thesis on representation theoretic result known as The Stone–von Neumann theorem. In practice, the way it worked around there was that you would pick a topic related to one of your courses (in my case a course on functional analysis) and write on it in some detail. In the thesis, I give a proof of the theorem and take a look at its role in the mathematical formalism underlying quantum mechanics.
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