Other notes

The following is a collection of various non-research notes I've written. Some of them are notes written to accompany general talks, others contain writings on research topics, others again are barely even written, and many of them have been merged into other documents and are only listed here to maintain continuity.

General notes


These are notes aimed at Danish high school students and contain a description of triangulated surfaces. Motivated by a number of examples, we show that such surfaces admit a nice classification and discuss how to tell them apart.
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Quantum representations for dummies

Unaptly named, these notes were originally intended as an elementary and non-technical introduction to quantum representations. They never reached that state but they do contain an explanation of the notion of a "representation" in general.

Talk notes

Introduction to TQFT

Talk: TIFR, Mumbai, March 2014.
In these brief notes, we discuss Witten's quantum Chern–Simons theory and in particular how the combinatorially defiend Jones polynomial fit into the picture.

Quantum topology in a nutshell

Talk: Aarhus Universitet, September 2012.
These Danish language notes contain a brief explanation on how the mathematical field of quantum topology arises in a context of general quantum field theory.

Quantum representations of mapping class groups and TQFTs for newcomers

Talk: University of California, Berkeley, October 2010.
These notes contain an introduction to several of the approaches to the representations of mapping class groups that show up in topological quantum field theory and are aimed at students with an understanding of undergraduate geometry. Note that most of the contents have been absorbed in revised (and improved) form in my actual dissertations.