Basic topology

This page is a collection of the files relevant for the 2015 Uppsala University course on basic topology. See also the official course web page at Studentportalen.

Course info

Stereographic projection

Download – last modified: 17/9, 2015.
This document contains a general overview of the course as well as a tentative schedule for each lecture.

Lecture notes with exercises

A covering map

DownloadGitHub-repo – last modified: 17/9, 2015.
Notes for each lecture will (hopefully) appear in this document as the course moves along. It also contains the exercises that will form the basis of the exercise sessions in the course.

Fjelstad's notes

The notes for the 2014 edition of the course, by Jens Fjelstad. We will follow these rather closely and they are therefore also relevant in this course.

Solutions to exercises

Download – last modified: 17/9, 2015.
This note includes solutions to the exercises discussed during the exercise sessions. It will be updated with more solutions as the course comes along.