Jones representation calculator


This is the source code for the software used to produce some of the examples in my paper on Jones representations with Egsgaard.

Notes on usage

This software is built in SageMath which needs to be downloaded for this to run properly.
With sage installed, one can evaluate, for instance

by typing into sage the following:

sage: load("curverep.sage")
sage: d = 1
sage: B = BraidGroup(3)
sage: b = B([1, -2])
sage: b.curve_rep(d)
[(A^8 - A^4)/(-A^4) A^2/(-A^4)]
[ (-A^2)/(-A^4) 1/(-A^4)]

Besides allowing for calculation Jones representations, curverep.sage also includes methods for the calculation of the Jones polynomials of trace closures of braids. The file specific_braids.sage contains the explicit examples used in the paper.