Class notes

More or less as an experiment, I decided to TeX my notes for classes and seminars on the fly. I mainly did them as a service to my self, obtaining a collection of non-chaotic notes. My notes will be available here, but should be taken for what they are: not proof-read and ridden with typos. Nevertheless, someone might find use for them:

Fall 2012, Aarhus

Introduction to Hyperbolic Geometry

Spring 2012, Aarhus

Conformal field theory

Fall 2011, Aarhus

Introduction to gauge theory
Symplectic geometry, non-abelian localization and path integrals
Topics on Kähler Geometry and Hodge Theory

Spring 2011, Aarhus

Topological quantum field theories and moduli spaces

Fall 2010, UC Berkeley

256 – Algebraic Geometry
275 – Quantum Field Theory (discontinued)
276 – Topics in Topology

Other course notes

Master class on TQFTs, Barcelona 2012