1/10/2014, 23:49

A new day, a new blog

Like a slightly slow version of a leap year or the Winter olympics, as it does rougly every five years it has happened once again: I've decided to try blogging once more.

Last time around this was a travel blog with reports from the Americas, and before then a high school student was rambling about being a high school student.

So, what will happen this time around? I don't quite know yet, but if you made it here, it's probably because I know you, and if so, you're the audience! As always I'll be using this platform to talk about what's going on around and inside my head. That means that these days, the topics will likely involve maths, data, Muzak, and everything will be a bit more Swedish than the last few times.

Let's see what happens, but do stick around!

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